Cognitive Science investigates the human mind with an interdisciplinary approach. Functional and neuroanatomical aspects of the human cognitive processes as well as modelling of these in a machine are main areas of research in Cognitive Science. Subjects of study include linguistics, memory, artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling of the mind, neuroanatomy, emotion, visual perception, and self.

Cognitive Science Program at Yeditepe University involves six main areas: Computer Science, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Anthropology and Philosophy of Mind. Students are required to choose a main area as well as a complementary area. After fulfilling the course requirements, students write a thesis which merges at least two areas within Cognitive Science, under the supervision of their supervisors. Based on the recommendations of the supervisor, electives from other graduate programs can be chosen as well.

Cognitive Science Master’s Program at Yeditepe University is accepting applications for Spring 2019. Information about the application can be obtained from this link.